Welcome to your new home page; this is the intro paragraph. This is where you should get across, in an abbreviated but clear manner, what the MILD non-profit group aims to accomplish and/or what primary challenges it helps solve. Prospects often look to see if there’s a compelling alignment between your central value proposition and their requirements or pain points. We recommend 60 to 65 words in length.

Delivering results for Benin

This is the icon gallery support paragraph. The icons above represent the most relevant early-stage opportunity to drive traffic to the heart of your website. They were selected and are setup in this manner to help the user quickly navigate to the specific module within the CAT LIST section (grouping of closely related subjects). Thus, the content of this paragraph should discuss the unifying theme of the section. The idea is to get to motivate the user to click-through, so it is generally best written as an intro format to peak reader interest. The recommended length is 100 to 120 words.

Clean water changes communities

This is a Mid-Banner paragraph. Because visitors often stop to read image captions before continuing to scroll down, this type of imbedded content tends to attract attention and is read frequently. Especially if it is supported by a visually compelling image. This is a highly visible space, and thus we suggest that you leverage the substance of its design as inspiration for your content. This paragraph needs to be carefully balanced with the space that surrounds it; we recommend keeping it to a length of 70 to 85 words.

Helping farmers grow

Content that is read last tends to remain top of mind. In the event a prospect fails to click-through above, this section gives us the opportunity to influence last impressions. Having said this, let’s make one more effort by trying to get him or her to enter your site right here. So, please be as persuasive and eloquent as you can. Unfortunately, the intended visual appearance of this paragraph requires a bit of discipline in terms of length; please keep it under 85 words.

Making a difference in Benin

This last paragraph rounds off the page and brings it all together. As mentioned in the previous paragraph content that is read last tends to remain top of mind. This is an ideal space to review the core objectives of the MILD ONG and to make readers feel good about either volunteering with the organization or donating to the cause. There is a lot of flexibility with the length of this paragraph. Feel fee to write as much as 150 words, but please not shorter than 75 words.